The Infamous Middle Finger
Temos um sócio no clube dos canalhas...
Welcome to my life
''Excuse me, while I kiss the sky!'' (Jimi Hendrix)."If you let into despair, you have no strength in time of trouble" (the clockwork orange). ''They spill unfound from a pretty mouth'' (Panic! At the disco). ''I wanted to die. You're just a hot dog sold on television. And I despise it.'' (Johnny Depp). ''Underneath this there is an ideal meat. and ideas never die ...'' (V for Vendetta). ''If I was a victim for a long time, it was up to me to reinvent myself." (Scream). ''Nobody ever really understand that something wonderful I wanted to provide.'' (Jack). ''The madness of a person, the reality is another.'' (Tim Burton). ''It is easier to criticize somebody else than to see yourself.'' (The Beatles). After reading these inspirational phrases of legends in the history of mankind, you should care about what really makes sense. Think about yout sins Thank u, and send me ask ^^ online. visitas.

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